A research on the ozone layer and issues related to it

In Paul Crutzen pointed out that emissions of nitrous oxide N 2Oa stable, long-lived gas produced by soil bacteria, from the Earth's surface could affect the amount of nitric oxide NO in the stratosphere.

It is expected to recover around UV rays also have adverse effect on the marine ecosystem. Ozone is made up of oxygen and is produced naturally in the atmosphere.

Inrepresentatives from 43 nations signed the Montreal Protocol. Based on these results, ozone depletion is predicted to cause hundreds of thousands of additional cataracts by In addition, ozone itself is a greenhouse gas. Fahey, an atmospheric scientist at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administrationfound that the drop in ozone would be from 1—2 percent if a fleet of supersonic passenger aircraft were operated.

This was the reason for the Montreal Protocol. The greatest Arctic declines are in the winter and spring, reaching up to 30 percent when the stratosphere is coldest. Bywhen better evidence on the speed of critical reactions was available, this estimate was changed to 5 to 9 percent steady-state depletion.

Global Warming and Ozone Layer Depletion: Biological effects[ edit ] The main public concern regarding the ozone hole has been the effects of increased surface UV radiation on human health. If ozone hole keep on expanding, there would be very few plants which means less food in the whole world.

The Ozone Layer and Climate Change

They are projected to reach pre levels before As the ozone hole over Antarctica has in some instances grown so large as to affect parts of AustraliaNew ZealandChileArgentinaand South Africaenvironmentalists have been concerned that the increase in surface UV could be significant.

This increase in CO2 comes largely from the burning of fossil fuels coal, oil, and natural gas in automobiles and electrical power plants. In the presence of UV light, these gases dissociate, releasing chlorine atoms, which then go on to catalyze ozone destruction. It can also lead to photo allergy that result in outbreak of rashes in fair skinned people In humans, exposure to UV rays can also lead to difficulty in breathing, chest pain, and throat irritation and can even lead to hampering of lung function.

This is what which leads to almost 80 percent of the total ozone layer depletion. However, being inert, they stay in the atmosphere for a long time.

As mentioned above, when such ozone-depleting chemicals reach the stratosphere, they are dissociated by ultraviolet light to release chlorine atoms. The dot is a notation to indicate that each species has an unpaired electron and is thus extremely reactive. More complicated mechanisms have also been discovered that lead to ozone destruction in the lower stratosphere.

In such conditions the ice crystals of the cloud provide a suitable surface for conversion of unreactive chlorine compounds into reactive chlorine compounds, which can deplete ozone easily. The whole world is vulnerable to its after effects. However, more recent analysis in by David W.

This causes environmental damage and problems in human health.

What is the Ozone Hole?

Found commonly in aerosol cans and released by many electronic appliances, these were seen to decrease the level of ozone in the stratosphere. Greenpeace was given the patent, called it " Greenfreeze ," and left the patent as open source.Scientists believe that Global Warming will lead to a weaker Ozone layer, because as the surface temperature rises, the stratosphere (the Ozone layer being found in the upper part) will get colder, making the natural repairing of the Ozone slower.

Research - Ozone Depletion. The discovery of a major stratospheric ozone layer event (the ozone hole) over Antarctica in fueled interest in ozone depletion as a potential health and ecological threat related to increased solar ultraviolet radiation.

Ozone depletion, through halogen-related chemistry, is facilitated by increased. Ozone Layer Depletion ~ Environmental Issues. Ozone layer depletion is one of the top environmental issues affecting the world today.

The Ozone Layer and Climate Change

What Is Ozone Layer Depletion. The ozone layer is a naturally-forming gas that surrounds the planet and protects it from the sun’s radiation, also known as UV rays. Access information on research and technical resources related to ozone layer science.

This page provides links to research efforts led by organizations such as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the United Nations Environment Program, an.

Ecological issues related to ozone: agricultural issues Ju¨rg Fuhrer a, *, Fitzgerald Booker b,c a Swiss Federal Research Station for Agroecology and Agriculture (FAL), Air Pollution/Climate Group, ReckenholzstrasseCH Zurich, Switzerland.

Ozone depletion

Labs and Research Centers; Ozone Pollution. Contact Us. (O 3) is harmful to air quality, outside of the ozone layer. EPA regulations help states reduce ozone levels in their outdoor air.

May 31, - EPA proposes action on Clean Air Act Section petitions from Delaware and Maryland.

A research on the ozone layer and issues related to it
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