A review of one hour photo a psychological thriller film starring robin williams

He lives downtown but still makes the long drive to come into work each day. But then again, in real life we read about murderous rampages in the news all the time, next to that One Hour Photo seems rather tame.

One-Hour Photo: Mark Romanek Directing Debut Starring Robin Williams

The beginning, for example, was moved to the end. Unfortunately as entertainment is much less successful. Paul Outerbridge Paul H. A life that they would envy. Like Sey Robin Williamswe too used to get to know many of our regular customers by name and even learned a little bit about them.

Finch arrives home, realizes the police are present, and evades Dormer after a chase.

One Hour Photo (review)

We all lost something when Robin Williams took his own life, however, films like One Hour Photo serve to remind us why his death was such a tragedy.

I did not hate this character, nor did I in the least like him. Nor did we become obsessed with them to the extent that when trouble loomed on their horizon, we never felt the need to personally interfere in their lives.

Later as One Hour Photo develops he becomes determined to destroy Will Yorkin for engaging in an affair and risking everything that he is so fortunate to have.

In this and other technical respects, One Hour Photo was one of the most impressive feature debuts to be seen in Sundance this year. Unfortunately as entertainment it is much less successful.

One Hour Photo

In Robin Williams, Romanek has cast the ideal actor to play Sy. What could have been a simple thriller, or even worse, a long boring character study, is instead, an entertaining movie that will hopefully be remembered come award season, for Williams's performance at least.

November Learn how and when to remove this template message Romanek intended the film to be much longer, but the studio ordered it to be shortened, and elements rearranged out of concerns about commerciality.

It has a sad character that does sad things. Williams has always had an Everyman sort of quality, and his performance here rests on hooking us immediately and then pulling the rug out. Neither parent even attends their son's soccer games. Was this review helpful?

One Hour Photo

A family, in particular, stands out. Writer-director Mark Romanek making his feature debut keeps his cards close to his vest, providing few hints to whether that rubber band is going to snap or slowly unwind. Sy's character fits perfectly. Yes, Sy has some serious issues to work out, but they never elevate to the point of being edge of your seat viewing.

Sy shows a special interest in one family, the Yorkins, that seems to represent the ideal unit: Without that, this movie has no glue to hold it together. A fastidious photos developer, Sy works in the local supermarket, Savmarket, a bland, sterile milieu. I understand that this is partly to convey the sense that Sy doesn't really know them either, he only envisions them in terms of how they fit into his delusional fantasy world.

The scene near the end where he is talking to the police officer does give Robin Williams a chance to chew the scenery for a fleeting moment, still it is a little too reminiscent of a similar scene in Hitchcock's Psycho and it suffers from the comparison.

It is his performance and the director's style, which brings this movie above its self. Rushing to the fallen figure, Dormer picks up a. But when he's caught making extra prints from customers' negatives and subsequently fired, a devastated Sy finds his days free to begin stalking the family in earnest, starting by watching the son play soccer after school, then escalating rapidly with jarring results.

But Sy has friends, if imaginary ones: The original version also has older musical scores that were not used in the final product.Insomnia is a American psychological thriller film directed by Christopher Nolan, and starring Al Pacino, Robin Williams, and Hilary Swank.

It tells the story of two Los Angeles homicide detectives investigating a murder in an Alaskan town. Aug 23,  · Watch video · Williams was eerily brilliant as "Sy, The Photo Guy", and was able to travel between chillingly detached and forcefully angry with ease.

The brilliant use of stark colors fleshed out the film, and those that garner enjoyment from the sets and cinematography, as /10(K).

One Hour Photo Blu-ray

"ONE HOUR PHOTO" () (Robin Williams, Connie Nielsen) (R) If you've come from our parental review of this film and wish to return to it, simply click on your browser's BACK button.

Seymour "Sy" Parrish (Robin Williams) is a mini-lab photo technician who works in SavMart’s one hour photo kiosk in suburban Los Angeles. Outside of work he is. Robin Williams gives what may well be the performance of his career in `One Hour Photo,' a creepy psychological thriller written and directed with cool precision by Mark Romanek.

Given its premise, the film could easily have degenerated into a sordid, exploitative tale of obsession and madness. Aug 23,  · In "One Hour Photo," a shot with a similar purpose requires only a lot of innocent family snapshots, displayed in a way that is profoundly creepy.

The movie has also been compared to " American Beauty," another film where resentment, loneliness and lust fester beneath the surface of suburban affluence/5.

A review of one hour photo a psychological thriller film starring robin williams
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