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For example a decision made by High Court can be overruled by Court of Appeal if the previous court did not apply the law correctly, In English courts the overruled case is regarded as never having been law and will not be applied in later cases. Although some said it is stiff and unbending, the orientation of social changes was attempted, and it opens to the time and start changing.

Privy Council opinion has only persuasive value, it is not binding. The judges in this case had to decide whether to stand by the old law that a married woman automatically consented. The Magistrates Court is not bound by any of its previous decisions, but is strongly persuaded by them to promote certainty in criminal law.

This may occur when a higher court overrules a decisions made in an earlier case by a lower court. But they do more that this, for not only are they regarded as authoritative pronouncements of law, but certain precedents are regarded as binding upon courts which are subsequently called upon to try similar issues.

Essay: The Doctrine of Precedent

The same occurs if it does not cover for all eventualities. The doctrine of precedent is an essential part of the English legal system as it provides an actuality to the law and sets up the hierarchy structure of the court system.

Untilthe House of Lords was bound by itself, unless the decision had been made per incuriam or in error.

Essay: The Doctrine of Precedent

One example of a law report is the All England Law Report, law reports are also found in the media, The Times publishes law reports weekly. In order to avoid binding precedents, judges have sought to distinguish cases on differing facts. This practice of referring to previous decisions and arguing by analogy to them of the present case in order to arrive at a judgment is known as the application of judicial precedent.

The next court is the High Court, they are bound by the decisions of all three superior courts and the decisions of the High Court bind the two inferior courts which are the County Court and Magistrates Court.

The House of Lords was made the final appeal court in under the Appellate Jurisdiction Act, in the Supreme Court became the final appeal court. Lord Denning made obiter comments regarding this to the effect that a duty should be owed.

It is crucial that accurate records are available so that it is possible for the binding and persuasive precedents to be found. The original precedent means that there will be a new precedent to be set, as there is no previous decision for the judge to follow until that point of time.

The judges in the minority will also give a judgement for why they came to their decisions and this is called a dissenting judgement. If an area of law in undeveloped or unclear, a decision cannot be made until a case is decided. The first part will define the Ratio Dicidendi, the Stare Decisis and the Obiter Dicta in the English legal system, and the second part will describe the types of precedent and how to operate doctrine of precedent, and how to avoid judicial precedent.

This distinguished the case from Balfour, the agreement in Merritt was not just a domestic arrangement, and it was a legally enforceable contract. They are bound by their own past decisions however they can take a flexible approach in order to protect the liberty of the individual in question.

Differentiate between the terms res judicata, ratio decidendi and obiter dicta. In Balfour V Balfour the husband who worked overseas agreed to send payments to his wife who stayed in England for medical treatment until she returns, but later on the husband told his wife they should remain separated and stopped the payment.

The other statement provided in a judgment is called the Obiter Dicta. The case R v R also shows that law is extremely slow to change because of the doctrine of precedent, it makes many people think that is is almost impossible to make a change and there is nothing they can do about it.

It means that the highest court in the hierarchy, the Supreme Court is liable to every court which includes itself. The case involves should doctor provide contraceptive treatment to girls under 16 years old without out parents knowing. Stevenson brought major promotion to the law of negligence and established the neighbour test.

In every cases, judges will provide judgments upon their decisions. Despite the doctrine of judicial precedent being a major factor in the English legal system, there are a number of ways by which a judge may avoid following a precedent.

Judicial precedent is also flexible and there is room for the law to change as the Supreme Court can use the Practice Statement to overrule cases. In Herrington the Lords held that social and physical conditions had changes since and therefore the law should also change. If the precedent was set before the Human Rights Act came into force, the precedent may be contrary to it.

In addition, for the doctrine of stare decisis to be functional with the English Legal System, it has to strictly follow the court hierarchy. Doctrine of Judicial precedent does not apply in all cases, there are three ways to avoid precedent which are overruling, reversing and distinguish.

It was held in Balfour that there was no legally binding contract between them. The opposing view, that judges do to a certain extent make law seems to be a more accurate description.This doctrine of precedent is extremely strong in English law as it ensures fairness and consistency and it highlights the importance of case law in our legal system.

We will write a custom essay sample on Judicial Precedent in the English Legal System specifically for you. The amount of case law precedent adds up to uncertainty. Case law and its precedents are contained in thousands of reports starting from the middle ages.

It is difficult for lawyers and courts to go through them and find similar cases. Judicial precedent is source of law Judicial precedent is the source of law where past decisions create law for judges to refer back to for guidance in future cases. Precedent is based upon the principle of stare decisis et non quieta movere, more commonly referred to as ‘stare decisis', meaning to.

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Judicial Precedent (Case Law) Essay Sample

Judicial Precedent ESSAY: a) Explain and illustrate the operation of the doctrine of judicial precedent. b) How far is it true to say judges are bound by decisions in earlier cases?

A) Judicial precedent is where the past decisions of the judges create law for future judges to follow.

Judicial Precedent in the English Legal System

This essay will examine the doctrine of Judicial precedent that helps form the English Legal System. It will illustrate various views that have been raised by Judges and relating cases to the use of ‘Stare decisis’ when creating precedents. In addition it will discuss how the developments in the.

As law precedent essays
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