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Hence, during pregnancy it is possible to find out if the child will carry the mutated gene by using two tests: Nineteenth century doctors recognized and reported the distinct entity of adult onset hereditary chorea.

The illness usually lasts years, although it may be considerably longer. In the long run it results in the loss of both mental and physical control.

The disease works by degenerating the ganglia a pair of nerve clusters deep in the brain that controls movement, thought, perception, and memory and cortex by using energy incorrectly.

Research Paper on Huntington’s Disease

Recently, a Huntingtons chorea essay from Johns Hopkins University found a second protein called HAP-1, that attaches to the huntingtin molecule only in the brain.

A gene is an important sequence of nucleotides that encodes proteins. Today is her twenty-seventh birthday. The DNA which is extracted from the blood is then analyzed in a special laboratory. These changes are thought to come about because of a disturbance of one of the chemical substances concerned in normal functioning of the brain though it is not known exactly which chemical is involved.

Over the years the illness goes on getting more severe, though the rate at which it progresses varies from individual to individual.

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While current treatments can only help the symptoms, it is hoped that further research and new tecniques will bring about an effective cure. By the late-stage, one can barely speak and all previous symptoms are more drastic. One may have continuous choking or coughs, frequent throat clearing, and wet sounding breathing Rhoades, By the late-stage, one can barely speak and all previous symptoms are more drastic.

However, symptoms vary between individuals, with some sufferers showing symptoms that others do not. An overview - UK Essays Apr 18, Huntington disease HD is an autosomal-dominant disorder, This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

Research Paper on Huntington’s Disease

All over the world research is going on into Huntington's Disease. Essays Papers - Free Essays Category: It ultimately causes death. Huntingtons disease statistics Huntingtons disease: Language is affected which causes cognitive issues as well.

Temporal lobe mtDNA deletion levels were 11 fold higher in HD patients than in controls, whereas the frontal lobe deletion levels were fivefold higher in HD patients than in controls.

It shows whether the baby is at low risk of inheriting the faulty gene or at the same risk as the parent who is at risk but so far unaffected.Huntington's disease, also known as Huntington's chorea is a genetic disorder that usually shows up in someone in their thirties and forties, destroys the mind and body and leads to insanity and death within ten to twenty years.

Huntington’s disease (HD) is an inherited disease which causes progressive damage to the brain. The disease is genetic, and has been traced back to a single gene which can be detected using blood tests.

 Huntington’s Disease Huntington’s disease, or also known as Huntington’s Chorea, is an incurable hereditary brain disorder, which causes nerve cells to become damaged, resulting in various parts of the brain deteriorating.

Huntington's Disease Huntington's Disease is a genetic autosomal disorder which effects the brain. It affects about 1 in 20, individuals. The symptoms of the disease do not start to occur until after or around 40 years of age.

Huntingtons Disease Essay - Huntington's Disease Huntington's disease, or Huntngton's chorea, is a genetic disease that causes selective neural cell death, which results in chorea, or irregular, jerking movements of the limbs caused by involuntary muscle contractions, and dementia.

Essay Huntington 's Disease: A Progressive Disease. Huntington’s Chorea, more commonly known as Huntington’s disease, is a progressive hereditary neurodegenerative disorder that presents in mid-life, affecting an individual’s cognitive, emotional and motor abilities (Warby, Graham, & Hayden, ).

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