Local literature and studies on guidance counseling

Research on the status of Beijing universities' career guidance institutions and teams [Original in Chinese] Education and Occupation. Reducing high school attrition: The basic situation and problems of the college career counselors in China [Original in Chinese] World Education Information.

The School Counselor, 40, Discuss on the job duties and ability structure of college career counselors [Original in Chinese] Teaching Forum.

Career Guidance and Counseling for University Students in China

After removing the variables of school enrollment size, socioeconomic status, and percentage of minority students in attendance, positive program effects were identifiable. Quantitative analyses of research meta-analyses also substantiate the beneficial effects of school counseling programs.

Professional School Counseling, 2: In fact, studies show that students trained in peer mediation use these skills in other settings e. Helping seventh graders be safe and successful: For students, career planning can help them set personal goals and decide upon current and future directions.

After an initially slow start, researchers and practitioners in China have now begun to focus on the localization of guidance and counselling theory and strategies in order to match more exactly actual employment situations in different regions of the country.

Indigenous factors that need to be considered include: What can be done? Gao pointed out that career counseling within class is an effective way of providing true contextualized career guidance. Proving that counseling programs do count: What defines a good school counseling program?

As proposed by Watts and Van Esbroeckthere is a general recognition that all counselors will need to use new technologies, including computer-assisted assessment in the diagnostic and self-assessment process, as well as computer-assisted career guidance and counseling via the Internet.

High school peer counseling: Improving reading scores through a self-esteem prevention program. Family change groups for the early age child. Social skills training in schools: The impact of more fully implemented guidance programs on the school experiences of high school students: A high proportion of 10th and 12th grade students who were surveyed perceived that their counselor expected them to attend college, regardless of their racial background.

Group counseling can help. It is essential that counselors involve the parents of troubled students in the counseling process.

Research on university students' career planning issues and strategies [Original in Chinese] Heilongjiang Researches on Higher Education. Retrieved from China Journal Net database.

Investigation of the model of university students' career guidance - take Jiangsu province as an example [Original in Chinese] Jiangsu Higher Education. A proactive approach to program development, such as inviting input from teachers, students, counselors, and administrators through periodic needs assessments, may maximize existing resources and services offered to non-college and college-bound students.

Research on School Counseling Effectiveness

Middle school counseling research: Elementary school counseling research and the classroom learning environment. Counseling decreases classroom disturbances. Professional career counseling is rarely provided automatically to all students; and even some counseling services that are offered are not individualized and focused enough to satisfy students' needs Li It is almost impossible to find any paper on this issue in China written before Effective career planning systems must be established that include family and parental influences, and also the influence of senior students and classmates.

School counseling programs have significant influence on discipline problems. After researchers controlled for differences between schools due to socioeconomic status and enrollment size, students attending middle schools with more fully implemented comprehensive programs reported a feeling safer attending their schools, b having better relationships with their teachers, c believing that their education was more relevant and important to their futures, d being more satisfied with the quality of education available to them in their schools, e having fewer problems related to the physical and interpersonal milieu in their schools, and f earning higher grades.

What can you do to stop children from killing themselves? The involvement of the European Union in career guidance policy: Research on local construction of college students' career planning education [Original in Chinese] China After School Education.

Thirdly, vital to the improvement of career guidance and counseling, is the need to establish a team of career guidance teachers who have high-quality professional knowledge and expertise relevant for college students.

Similarly, indigenous factors need to be considered by researchers investigating or evaluating career services in Chinese mainland settings. Dropout Rates in the United States, Overview of graduates' employment [Original in Chinese] Guangzhou:Counselors Literature and Landscape Review The State Of School statistics, reports, studies, evaluations, surveys, trends and gaps, and other information relevant to the work and role of the school counselor today.

In all, counseling is results and “guidance counselor” onlyDespite the limited research on counselors. types of policy studies: Literature Reviews, Survey Research, Statewide Evaluations of School Counseling Programs, State Evaluations of School Counseling Practice, Existing Database Investigations of School Counseling, Research Identifying Elements of Exemplary Practice, Studies of Evaluation Capacity and Practices in School Counseling.

Dec 18,  · Elementary School Guidance & Counseling, 27, A study on the The literature suggests that such This list represents a summary of research on. COU Career and Guidance Counseling This course includes a study of career development theories and guidance models, the processes involved in career decision-making, the diverse life-roles and their interaction in educational and vocational settings for mental health and school counselors.

A Critical Analysis of the Function of Guidance Counselors: A Literature Review (Title) Guidance & School The origin of guidance counseling was discussed in detail. Counselors Literature and Landscape results and “guidance counselor” onlystudies.

These include counselor training and certification.

Local literature and studies on guidance counseling
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