National museums of kenya strategic plan

This meant moving towards developing museum as a place where people from all walks of life meet and have dialogue on various socio-economic issues.

Department of Human Anatomy

This may be tied with our need for facility expansion. Its first site was at the present Nyayo House.

Brief History

Environmental fluctuations would have presented significant challenges to inhabitants of the Olorgesailie Basin, prompting changes in technology and social structures that improved the likelihood of securing resources during times of scarcity.

The expansion of its mandate and the staff numbers coupled with the dynamic environment in which NMK operates has put enormous challenges for the institution.

Mortuary services in the public sector are not in a good state. Teaching and Learning The Department runs diverse academic programmes and must keep them competitive.

While the handaxes of the earlier era were manufactured using local stones, the Smithsonian team found small stone points made of non-local obsidian at their Middle Stone Age sites. This is the first time that the Museum is carrying out a major facelift since it was officially opened in This greatly impairs efficiency and undermines business growth in the face of competition.

The key aspects of the programme are highlighted in its 4 main components namely: The site soon became small and a larger building was put up in where the Nairobi Serena Hotel stands. Review and re-engineer academic delivery processes for improved effectiveness and efficiency ii.

The establishment of the Anatomy Journal of Africa is an example of leadership in the discipline.

Brief History

Public Programmes Component The aim of this component is to streamline and build capacity within the NMK public programmes to achieve efficiency and teamwork. Collaboration and Partnerships 4. The group consisted mainly of colonial settlers and naturalists who needed a place to keep and preserve their collections of various specimens.

These tools were carefully crafted and more specialized than the large, all-purpose handaxes. It was officially opened in Sept. This will be strengthened in the Strategic Plan period. Most of the academic staff are clinicians who may command higher remuneration in the open market for their services.

The PC to user ratios are1: These institutions may also offer attractive employment terms which may cause staff to leave the Department.

In one new school the ratio of microscopes to students is 1: The Gross Anatomy and Histology present excellent opportunities for digitization of practical instruction.

He is the lead author on one of the three Science publications that describe the adaptive challenges that early humans faced during this phase of evolution.

A diploma and degree program in mortuary science presents an opportunity to offer to Kenya. As earthquakes remodeled the landscape and climate fluctuated between wet and dry conditions, technological innovation, social exchange networks and early symbolic communication would have helped early humans survive and obtain the resources they needed despite unpredictable conditions, the scientists say.

The surgical fraternity is increasingly coming back to the Anatomy labs; the department should nurture this to maximize the utilization of the NSSC. The key aspects of the programme are highlighted in its 4 main components namely:Sustainable Development in Kenya: Stocktaking in the run up to Rio+20 APRs Annual Progress Reports KNASP Kenya National HIV and AIDS Strategic Plan ENSDA Ewaso-Nyiro South Development Authority NMK National Museums of Kenya.

Rick Potts, director of the National Museum of Natural History’s Human Origins Program at the Smithsonian, surveys an assortment of Early Stone Age handaxes discovered in the Olorgesailie Basin, Kenya.

Scientists Discover Evidence of Early Human Innovation, Pushing Back Evolutionary Timeline

NATIONAL EDUCATION STRATEGIC PLAN Published in by the Ministry of Education, Timor-Leste NESP National Education Strategic Plan NGO Non-government organisation DNMB National Directorate for Museums and Libraries. National Museums of Kenya Strategic Plan NATIONAL MUSEUMS OF KENYA where heritage lives on a Century of Heritage Management It was officially opened in Sept.

22 and named Coryndon Museum in honour of Sir Robert Coryndon, one time Governor of Kenya and a staunch supporter of Uganda Natural History Society. On the attainment of independence init was re-named NMK. The Strategic Plan () is a positive step by the Ministry of Youth Affairs (MOYA) in addressing the many underlying challenges facing the youth in Kenya.

Youth issues are multifaceted and this calls for coherent and comprehensive Strategic.

National museums of kenya strategic plan
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