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For Mozart, it may have seemed a bit too harsh in his day, but it haslong ago, taken it's rightful place near the top of his small quantity of darker ideas.

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I'll see you all in The allegretto finale is a mini-drama of proper weight adn thrust. What could be better, a pianist who cut his teeth on Mozart and a conductor who nearly grew up with the finest chamber orchestra in the world, the Academy of St.

This may be the last review of the year, as I am expecting family soon for New Year's celebrating and a big dinner tomorrow, so why not end the year on an uplifting note. Not only does the Freiburg Baroque Orchestra under Petra Mullejans sound different because of the period instruments, they play in a period style.

Jochum ignores the "un poco sostenuto," which asks for a sustained legato. Still, many listeners will easily embrace the aristocratic seriousness of this project, and I can recommend this as a handy way to acquire all these works at once. No one can keep up the travel and recording schedule he has for years without some day, running out of gas.

They are almost always rhythmically gentle and flowing, carrying the music and the listener along effortlessly. But, until if ever that were to happen, we still have wonderful disks like this one to hold us over.

Funnily enough, each work is performed by fewer musicians than the preceeding one, and, more curiously, each is more interesting than the previous one. She's bold and forceful, with not a hint of tinkly or mincing playing. Still, Bezuidenhout and company give it the respect it deserves.

The concerto 24 in c-minor is the finest work on this low-priced Philips cd and is even more stormy than the concerto Schoonderwoerd is a musical, fluent and often sensitive player, and he frequently achieves a sensitive rapport with his musicians, phrasing with point or affection.

This box is a must for anyone who loves the piano. Argerich is a splendid Mozart player, a rarity for a musician who has studiously avoided Mozart. On a level of practical choice it seems a little perverse legitimately to adopt single strings — employed throughout the series, I understand — but then also include the wind parts.

But, like most men, he also had a thing for Mahler, and why not? This serenade has seven movements, is nearly one hour long, and was truly the highlight of the evening.

Orchestra of the Swan

Harmonia Mundi HMC The Adagio is delicate and very pretty 2: I have a fantasy that would win some huge lottery and become a millionaire overnight, and, while I'm deciding what to do with all that dough, my wife and I would travel around these artistic cities and sample every thing we could hearwith no worries about work, budgets or time.

The early concertos are all just fine, though no one should be buying anything for these slight pieces alone.

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Fine accompaniment from the Freiburg band under conductor Petra Mullejans make a good thing even better. Both of these concertos, are thought provoking aznd "serious" offerings with the fun Concert Rondo acting as an interlude on this Philips CD.

She's so lively and direct that one wishes she had given us half a dozen more examples. Even the double bass, which I found to be a bit too out of place in the beginning the difference of tembre is an issueis perfectly used here, with its ostinato being the main dissonant element.

But, Mozart is ALSO for the common man, like me, and just because it is so exquisite, that doesn't mean it was written for snobs. Still, Marriner and Brendel play it a tad slower so as to not slur any of the language of the artists and allows us the comfort of hearing virtually every note of the wonderful conversation In between the two concertos, there is the delightful Concert Rondo in D, K.

My uncle loved Mozart, perhaps more than any other composer, along with Haydn and Schubert. The Andante is delicate, gentle and terribly poetic as it relaxes us quite nicely. The subtle and inspired playing paints the architecture of the works without any hint of self-indulgence.

It seems to have dampened Ms.The current disc represents Oehms Classics’ continuing project recording Mozart’s piano sonatas with the Korean pianist William Youn. Previously, Youn enjoyed a span of successes in three recordings of Mozart’s piano sonatas with the same record label.

Concert Review On April 8th I attended the "Music for Piano" concert featuring Bette Coulson and Philip Seward at the Columbia College Concert Hall.

The show was only about an hour. Mr. Seward and Mrs. Coulson played five pieces together and then each play on solo. Pollini's Deutsche Grammophon output has been all over the label's numerous lines and reissue programs.

Hence the most valuable part of this "original jacket" package might just be the two final Mozart discs, which took forever to reach the domestic market and are fine testaments to the pianist's Mozart credentials. Of the three concertos on the latest disc it can be claimed without resorting to hyperbole that KVthe Piano Concerto No 9 in E flat, is not only the first great Mozart piano concerto, but the first great piano concerto in history, a work therefore of huge significance.

W.A. Mozart - Piano Concertos [7 CD] - Music From The Community. Amazon Try Prime Average Customer Review: out of 5 stars 10 customer reviews Amazon Best Sellers but they are searching and beautiful.

The point here is that music-making never needs to be technically perfect to be communicative, or beautiful, or memorable. /5(10). The Mozart, Concerto no. 18 in B flat K. dates from the miracle year of that saw the outpouring of a stream of great piano concertos.

This performance from finds the usually stolid Eugen Jochum in a perky mood, and the sound, although a bit thinner than the Beethoven, is .

Review on mozart piano concert
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